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Eddy Current USA was founded in 1985 and has been testing ever since! We focus mainly on scanning copper chiller tubes, but will test most non-ferromagnetic tubing.

Separating Eddy Current USA from other ECT companies is the fact that are technicians are certified to ANSI/ASNT CP-189, whereas some companies employees only meet SNT-TC-1A. The difference between the two being that "CP-189 provides requirements as opposed to the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A." But don't take our word for it see for yourself.

-ASNT Standards and Practices-

Not only are our technicians held to a higher standard than required for ECT companies, but our owner/founder (Michael Ferguson ASNT #33626) is one of very few in the United States who holds an ASNT NDT Level III in Electromagnetic Testing certificate. Again, take a look for yourself.

-ASNT Certificate Holders-